FivStar is a global trading company centered in the city of international commerce. Our location in Dubai allows us to trade and do business around the with world with ease. We sell to other wholesalers, retailers and big box/chain-stores like Ansar Group , Royal Ford , Day To Day , Bollywood , FIneway etc


We carry a wide array of goods, from food to plastics and electronics selected to make the best margins and value. Our goods come in varying grades, from value to the highest grade quality. We may not be the cheapest but we stand behind our product because it will be the best quality. We’re constantly expanding our incoming inventory and bringing the best value products from all over the world to one place.

Our goods are available to cater to your company or brand when it comes to packaging. Everything – from custom sized retail packs to private labeling – can be accomplished. How you want to distribute the product is in your hands. We also can also change up our original product to suit your specific preferences depending on the size of your order.


We are simple and straightforward when it comes to business and operate on a strictly professional code. Once we are committed, we are bound to honor that commitment. We stand behind our product when it comes to quality. We are sincere about our services and provide incentives to our customers.


We are as big as we claim. We have a physical office and warehouse. We have customer representatives who are trained to be courteous and helpful in service. We possess knowledge of the industry and always qualify our vendors for quality and standards before initiating any business. We practice fair trade policies and grant special terms to approved customers. We offer private labeling and go to great lengths to protect the privacy of our customers with strict confidentiality agreements.


We will select and bring the finest quality products to our customers that will be value and at the best of the price. We will bring the east and west to give the best of both worlds.   

We want to be a leading company in the world central to global trading.

We’re always looking to increase our inventory. Future products we have set our sights on include a variety of injection molded plastics: from hangers, wire holders (wire winders for extension cords),  buckets and utensils, we plan to stock one of the largest plastic inventory around the world. We have other plans for bringing in more successful and quality products like food and grocery items, beverages, vitamins, mustard and Asian saltine snacks to the table. Our inventory does not stop here. We’re currently working to bring cosmetics for wholesale in the future as well.