Reusable Cutlery

All your utensil needs in one pack, talk about convenient! These reusable cutlery packs come with everything your customers or guests need to enjoy their meals, from soups to spaghetti. Each pack contains a reusable fork, spoon, and knife manufactured from high quality prime polypropylene constructed to be solid and sturdy in pack of 18 with 6 of each cutlery. Custom combination cutlery and private labeling are readily available, upon request. Packaged in crystal clear plastic and sealed from the top for practical and easy accessibility. Available in non-fading bold fluorescent colors and soft matte finish handles and constructed to be dishwasher safe for multiple daily reuse. Conveniently packed in brown master shippers, also in POP (Point of Purchase)/display & floor stand for retailing on full 20 or 40 ft containers orders only.

Product Details

Colors Available

fluorescent Red, fluorescent Blue, fluorescent Purple, fluorescent Green, fluorescent Yellow and fluorescent Orange

Retail Packs

18 pcs per Pack, 6 each of cutlery

Master Shipper

Box of 1296 pcs:

72 of 18pcs packs

Minimum Order

50 Cartons

Private Labeling

Request. Min 40 ft. container

Product Images