Special Adult Hangers

Sell on of the most versatile hangers. The Bold Strong & Smart Hanger is a sturdy hanger capable of storing up to six pieces of clothing at once.
The Bold Strong & Smart Hanger is ideal for those looking to hang accessories, multiple pieces of clothing and save a considerable amount of closet space.
This hanger is available in retail packs and big box stores packaging. We provide hangers in an assortment of classic colors, including black, bright white, silver and metallic blue for extra statement quality.

Product Details

Colors Available

White, Silver, Pearl Blue, Black

Retail Packs

3 or 6 Hanger per Pack

Master Shipper

Box of 108 Hangers:

36 of 3 packs or 18 of 6 Packs

Minimum Order

50 Cartons

Private Labelling

Request. Min 40 ft. container

Product Images